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The 5 Phases of Teaching Reading Before Kindergarten

Get #HicksTechniques – the 5 phase digital series for teaching your child how to read before Kindergarten.

Teaching reading at home...
As parents and educators we know that if it's not practical, it's not happening at home - not for parents and not for kids. Hicks Techniques offers the concentrated essentials for parents to teach their child how to read at home. Our material can also be used by classroom teachers to teach fundamental reading skills. We help  guide children from learning the alphabet song to reading and decoding over 500 words.

What’s included:
1. The 5 Phases of Teaching Reading Before Kindergarten Manual
2. Digital Flashcards
  • Alphabet
  • Letter-Sound Correspondence
  • 1-2 Letter Sight Words
  • 3 Letter Sight Words
  • 4 Letter Sight Words
  • 5-6 Letter Sight Words
  • Short a CVC Words
  • Short e CVC Words
  • Short i CVC Words
  • Short o CVC Words
  • Short u CVC Words

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