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The International Reading Association confirms that some children begin school far below grade-level norms, while others enter Kindergarten far advanced in reading ability.
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Fundamental Reading Phonics

Parents want their children set for success in reading. However, many parents question where to begin, and what tools to use in order to support their children in reading at home. 

Hicks Techniques™  digital resources, offers our expert reading techniques with all materials necessary to teach infants, toddlers, and school-age children. Our programs cover letters, sounds, phonics, words study, sight words and more. We also make all instructional materials parent-friendly. Using Hicks Techniques™, your child will move from Phase 01 (learning the alphabet song) to Phase 05 (reading and decoding words). Parents will be able to easily assess their child’s current ability, what phase to begin reading sessions, how long reading sessions should last, and when children are ready to move to the next phase of reading. 

Hicks Techniques™ teaches children how to read while meeting national foundational Common Core State Standards. See what K-1 national standards we address below.

Digitally Accessible

Never fall victim of flashcards being scattered throughout your home without the ability to retrieve them all. Humorous, but true!

We prize our program at being digitally accessible – giving parents the choice to keep everything digital or to print out the Hicks Techniques resources. If you opt to keep it digital, you can access the parent-friendly teaching manual and digital flashcards on a computer, smartphone, tablet, and even mirror content to a smart TV. If you choose to print, you can make posters, books, reading mats, and flashcards.  If any printed materials are ever lost or damaged you simply have the capability to make additional copies!

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