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Schools & Organizations
“Hicks for Orgs” is your standards-based reading curriculum enhancement solution designed to teach students from Pre-K through 6th grade. Hicks Techniques™ will support your teachers, reading specialists, tutors, and administrators with proven methodologies, engaging content, and empowering professional development.

Hicks Techniques For Organizations & Schools

Your instructors will find that their students are excited about reading and eager for continual improvement when using Hicks Techniques™.

“Hicks for Orgs” has out-of-the-box high-quality content for teacher development, classroom instruction, assessments, and practice modules. We understand that each organization will have unique needs. To that end, we are able to tailor additional content specific to your school district, individual school, tutoring program, non-profit organization, or faith-based institution.

We keep important things like student management, professional development, success reporting, and assessments at your fingertips via desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

We are your partner to ensure student & teacher success in and out of the classroom. We can even offer home access to your students so that learning and mastery continue beyond the confines of the classroom. This will cause your organization’s key performance indicators to improve. 

We are also committed to teaching Adult Literacy and can tailor programs for agencies serving this disserviced segment of our population. 


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