Reading Before Kindergarten and Beyond
Bridging highly effective literacy instruction from classrooms to homes.
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Hicks Techniques

Bridging Home and School

Hicks Techniques provides expert literacy instructional resources to both parents and educators. Our mission is to bridge home and school by empowering parents with the necessary tools to practically teach reading — while further reinforcing expert reading strategies taught in our standards-based classroom instruction. Our mirrored home-based and classroom systems can be used effectively in isolation. It is important to remember, when students receive dual angled instruction from home and school they are more likely to succeed due to consistent high quality instruction, unified goal awareness, and student-centered progress monitoring. Our vision is for all children to be propelled to a life of success as proficient readers due to the oneness of high quality home and school literacy instruction.

Our Expert Literacy Approach

Reading ability

impacts every academic


Hicks Techniques literacy content deepens a learner’s reading ability through the satisfactory execution of word study and phonics. When students are taught letters and sounds in addition to the foundational mechanics of the English language, they are able to fluently read a wide range of text. This frees the learner’s mental capacity to deeply comprehend the content which they read. In addition to providing word study and phonics instruction, Hicks Techniques also provides interim assessments in order to identify students’ strengths and areas for growth. When teachers are able to identify a student’s exact needs and provide targeted instruction, students soundly excel –  eagerly ready to receive more advanced material.

Complete Academic Success

Reading impacts every academic discipline! If students struggle in reading, they cannot independently access the written components of any school subject – science, math, and history to name a few. And, the opposite is also true. If students are proficient readers, they are more likely to succeed in all other academic subjects.  


My son is reading four letter words proficiently!

Seeing him read has been the proudest moment I have had as a dad!

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